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Gevalia Kaffe; Superior Excellence With 150 Years Experience

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Gevalia has been in the business of selling gourmet coffee for since 1853.  Their history is evidence of Gevalia’s dedication to providing coffee lovers with a perfect cup of coffee, even 150 years later. 

20% Off Entire Order

Gevalia was founded in 1853 in Gävle, Sweden, where we still have our factory and where all coffee tastings are performed. The founder, Victor Theodor Engwall, was a successful importer devoted to procuring the world’s best coffees for Sweden’s beverage enjoyment. Engwall’s dedication to scouring the world for the finest beans continues to be the driving philosophy at Gevalia, and his commitment to discovery, connoisseurship and perfection are values held today by every Gevalia employee.

The Master Taster at Gevalia for 40 years, Willy Patterson has contributed to Gevalia’s rich history through the precise science of cupping to determine which beans and blends meet the high standards of Gevalia.  Willy believes in traveling the world to get the best coffee and by putting each blend and bean through a series of tests and cupping to ensure only the best coffees are offered by Gevalia.  Willy takes on the responsibility “to ensure that Gevalia remains a timeless brand that’s held in the highest esteem and signifies only the best that coffee has to offer.”

In his years as a Master Taster, Willy has traveled to coffee regions around the world to hand-select premium beans for Gevalia coffees. In every region, Willy works closely with growers, whose knowledge of and commitment to their coffee crop is a key ingredient in creating superior coffee. Just as he feels it is his responsibility to taste cup after cup in order to deliver the best to the customer, growers feel it is their responsibility to present their best beans and to offer insight into their crops.

Gevalia Coffee

Gevalia Coffee Club now has a wide array of coffee bean varieties and premium tea blends to suit your taste. Along with the coffee and tea products, they also offer a wide array of fun and unique accessories and gift packages for the coffee addict in you.

Free Coffee Maker Gift From Gevalia

One of the greatest values you receive from Gevalia is the coffee maker that they offer for trying their coffee home delivery.  In fact, there are several free offers from Gevalia that they subscriber can select from. Aside from the coffee maker offer, there are other Gevalia free coffee maker bundles that include a coffee carafe, travel mug, coffee scoop and even free coffee.

Try Gevalia Premium Coffee Today!

The coffee maker that they offer is a great incentive as it has a pause and serve feature and is programmable with a timer. This is especially useful so that you can pre-brew your coffee cup the night before, and you will wake up to the aroma of a freshly-brewed cup.

Gevalia’s swing-out basket, adding a paper filter is a snap and brewing coffee has never been easier. Its water chamber can brew up to twelve cups of coffee. Gevalia coffee maker comes in an elegant black or white model, and is available for sale, as well. The Gevalia coffee maker is a suitable kitchen appliance that you can buy for your own home, and it also serves as a nice gift set for friends and family who are coffee aficionados.

How to Brew The Best Gevalia Coffee

Gevalia suggests, according to their famous European coffee recipe, one scoop of ground Gevalia coffee for every 6 ounces of water to make yourself a perfect cup of coffee.

 Something that may escape many of us is the fact that the coffee filter you use also affects the flavor of your coffee. A good paper filter will extract the most flavor delivering you the richest coffee. There are few areas in this country that have delicious tap water.  Because the water also affects the flavor of the coffee, it is suggested that you use cold, filtered water.  

The temperature of the water is a key element in getting a great cup of coffee.  If the coffee maker does not heat the water sufficiently, the flavor will not be extracted from the coffee sufficiently.

If you will not drink your beverage straight from the coffee machine, store it in an airtight container or carafe. The liquid will lose its flavor if it is left on the coffee maker or a warming plate for more than fifteen minutes.  

Finally, a well-maintained and thoroughly cleaned machine is critical in maintaining the quality of coffee that your coffee maker produces.

Gevalia offers not only premium coffee and teas with the convenience of scheduled home deliveries, they also offer the equipment you need to brew the best cup of coffee AND at discount Gevalia prices.  150 years of coffee roasting and marketing experience makes Gevalia still stand above the rest.

Gevalia Coffee Free Gevalia Coffee Maker Offers Best Deal

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Gevalia Free Coffee Maker Offer; Just To Try Their Coffee!

Gevalia is so convinced that you will love their coffee and convenient coffee delivery with free shipping that they offer FREE COFFEE MAKER packages as well as others at amazingly low prices. The best deals for a stainless steel programmable coffee maker bundles.

Check out the latest offers from Gevalia Kaffe for your best deals on gourmet coffee and coffee makers.

Gevalia Coffee Free Coffee Maker Gift

Gevalia Coffee Club: Gevalia Coffee Delivery, Free Coffeemaker

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Gevalia Kaffe, purveyor of fine European coffees, has been satisfying the tastes of coffee connoisseurs for generations. Built on a tradition of fine craftsmanship encompassing over 140 years, today Gevalia offers more than 30 varieties of coffee and 13 varieties of tea. This wide selection allows Gevalia to suit the various personal tastes, moods, and desires of even the world’s most discriminating coffee and tea lovers.

Coffee and tea connoisseurs can customize and choose which blends, roasts, or origins to order. Each coffee is vacuum-sealed and packed shortly after roasting to ensure the highest standards of quality, and express home delivery makes it easy for Gevalia to be enjoyed as frequently as desire.

It began with a passion…
In 1853, in the quaint seaport of Gävle, Sweden, Victor Theodor Engwall founded a company dedicated to crafting coffees of the highest quality. His spirit lives on in our Master Coffee Taster, Willy Pettersson, who passionately experiments with roasting methods and blends, using only the finest 100% Arabica beans, until the perfect taste is revealed.

Explore the possibilities
What began with a single coffee has grown to become the ultimate union of taste, service and convenience. Gevalia membership offers a host of benefits—from sublime tastes to the ability to customize your service. Here’s but a sampling of what you can expect:

A full range of great-tasting selections
Roasts, blends, exotic varieties, and flavors…We offer over 40 coffees and teas—from traditional favorites to one-of-a-kind seasonal delights. If they’re similar in any way, it’s their exceptional taste.

Gevalia Coffee Club


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